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- So, what should we do?
- Let’s spit and shit in their faces?
- Yea, sweet.

Are you here for a common good or
Are you only for your own fucking interest?
Look around, what have you found?
All the inlaid misery, this is not enough?

For all of us this is not hard to understand

In what you say we try to believe
But in the end it’s all fucking empty promises
There’s no end to your lies, you live on deny
You’re no sacred, you’re no fucking god

Don’t believe there is no tomorrow
Everyone you killed will be there on your deathbed

Well, at the expense of all you got what you wanted and now only the silence
How many lives will need to take you down?
How many lies for you to hear the sound?
What you’re getting now will come against you, greedy old boy

We’re sick, of all this contradiction
Respect, It’s something that you will never have the pleasure of, in this world
It will spin round and round again
But you’ll be dead then, allright


from Grey, released June 15, 2015




In Atmosphere Curitiba, Brazil

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